Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some good news on Lloyd Pietersen

There is some good news on the Lloyd Pietersen situation at the University of Gloucestershire. The university has decided to keep him on on 0.6 contract until February with a view then. The hearing on Friday is cancelled. This is excellent news for the time being. Let's hope for more good news to come in February. (News via Facebook. Also spotted on Jim West's blog).

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Stephen C. Carlson said...

That's good news. Could you explain what a 0.6 contract is to us yanks?

Brandon said...

Yes, I had the same question as Stephen.

Ian said...

Wow, I didn't expect to be reading that. Well done to you and the other bible bloggers who consistently made noise about this.

0.6 = Proportion of time worked (i.e. 3 days a week).

Lloyd Pietersen said...

Yes, thanks Mark and fellow academics for your support. Your letters to the VC certainly helped. All is not over, though, as the reprieve is due to the university waiting for the results of a meeting of the Trustees of the Kirby Laing Foundation in January. Kirby Laing endow the NT chair at the University of Gloucestershire and they are considering putting in more funds to support my post. It is unclear at this stage whether the university will keep me on beyond February should this support not be forthcoming. Nevertheless, my colleagues and I do consider this to be a step in the right direction!