Monday, December 07, 2009

The Bible: A History, Channel 4 series

BBC News has a piece on a forthcoming Channel 4 series on the Bible, one episode of which, the one on Jesus, features Gerry Adams:

Gerry Adams "in search of Jesus"
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is to go on a journey "to discover the real Jesus" as part of a new television series for Channel 4.
Mr Adams will present one episode of the seven-part documentary series called The Bible: A History.

He is one of seven commentators from "very different backgrounds" who will explore the Bible "from their own, very personal, perspective". Mr Adams is to examine Jesus' teachings on "love, forgiveness, and repentance" . . .
There is more on the series here:

The Bible: A History

More content will be added there as time goes by, but it features an interview with Anne Widdecombe about her episode, on the Ten Commandments. Here's the series blurb:
A provocative seven-part series that presents personal explorations of the world's most important, widespread and revolutionary text comes to Channel 4 in early 2010. From the Bible's origins to the American presidential inauguration, from Hebrew and Greek to today's current 2,400 different translations: this is the story of most influential book ever written.

The Bible is a book of history, of poetry and of prophecy. The books within it cover an incredible range of subjects: from the story of Creation itself to the creation of the Jewish Promised Land, from the Gospels' biographies of Jesus to the epistles of St. Paul and the apocalyptic visions of Revelation. This series explores the origins, ideas and influence of seven sections of the Scriptures, tracing how they came into existence and how they have shaped the world we live in today.

Each film is presented by a prominent commentator and thinker. Howard Jacobson sets out to reclaim Creation from the creationists, Bettany Hughes demonstrates how the Bible continues to shape perceptions of gender; Rageh Omaar examines the Bible's political legacy in the Middle East; and Ann Widdecombe explores the Ten Commandments.

Each presenter draws on their own experiences, expertise and faith, making a compelling, personal case for the important role this ancient book still plays in guiding the lives of millions of believers across the globe.
The Bible: A History will be on Channel 4 in January and February 2010.

Oh, I should perhaps mention that I am consultant on the series and have been working with Pioneer TV on it since the summer. I will also be appearing in front of camera in one episode, the one on Revelation, presented by Robert Beckford. My piece was filmed in Duke Chapel last week.


Doug said...

You media tart :)

Seriously, I hope this works rather than comes over as a gimmick – your involvement gives me some hope.

Scripture Zealot said...

Can this be seen in the U.S. sometime?

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Doug. I think the series will be pretty interesting. I don't know about US broadcast, Jeff. It's made by Pioneer Productions.

Alan McManus said...

I am glad you think this series will be interesting Mark. But could I ask. Do you think the Americans would allow a series to be broadcast about the Koran with Osama Bin Laden as its host, or the Israelies a show hosted by Hitler about the history of Judaism? I think not. So, why are the poor british public to be subject to the irrelevant views of Gerry Adams about his perception of Jesus. Isnt it strange that a country, along with its US partners, think it is right to invade countries thousands of miles away to fight terrorism, treat their own people with such contempt that a man with so much blood on his hands from within these shores, should be allowed to preach to us about forgivness?

Unknown said...

Excactly what i was thinking, he's an unrepentant terroris. He's ordered mass murders as part of the 'army council of the IRA, murdered to get his way to the army council. Lies about being a member. Now it comes out his brother liam has been known as a paedophile since the 90s and still Gerry let him work with children up to 2005 as a member of sinnfein. This is an outrage, then again he is just another roman catholic as they seem to be numb, blind, scared or ignorant towards physical, mental and sexual abuse of 1000's and 1000's and 1000's of children and the persistance in the way it has always been covered up from the chief of staff in rome