Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thomas and the Gospels Reviews and Inteviews

I am grateful to Christopher Skinner for posting an interview with me about my book Thomas and the Gospels over on his Peje Iesous blog.

Interview with Mark Goodacre (Part 1)

Interview with Mark Goodacre (Part 2)

I am also grateful to Tony Burke for this fair, appreciative but critical review over on Apocryphicity:

A Review of Mark Goodacre's "Thomas and the Gospels"

Speaking of reviews, I somehow failed, inexcusably, to mention this essay by Loren Rosson III over on The Busybody:

Retrospective / Review: Q, Thomas and Killjoy Scholarship

It looks back at my Case Against Q and forward to Thomas and the Gospels. I kind of like the term "killjoy", though I have tended to use the term "spoilsport" in the same context in the past of that kind of reluctant scepticism that I find myself cursed with.

I have also been lucky enough to be reviewed over on Matt Page's Bible Films Blog:

Book Review: Thomas and the Gospels

I am a big fan of Matt's blog and I am looking forward to hearing his reviews of History Channel's The Bible in due course.

And Rafael Rodriguez reviews the book, and has some really nice things to say as well as some helpful criticisms here on Verily, Verily:

Goodacre, the Synoptics and the Gospel of Thomas

I'd love to find some time to interact with some of Rafael's points in due course.

Thanks also to Michael Bird, Jim West, Thomas Creedy, and I think also James McGrath (but can't find the link, soz) for appreciative mentions.  Apologies to any I have missed -- please let me know in the comments below.

Thomas and the Gospels is available from Eerdmans, SPCK, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk.  There is an Eerdmans interview (8 minutes) as well as a book trailer (one minute).


Joshua Paul Smith said...

My review will be published in the next issue of Review & Expositor.

Unfortunately, it's quite short (about 700 words), since R&E has strict length requirements for their submissions.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Joshua. I am looking forward to it.