Monday, March 04, 2013

The Bible Series a Massive Ratings Success

I expected The Bible Series on History Channel to debut strongly last night, but I had no idea just how well it would do.  Apparently, it had a massive 14.8 million viewers on the night, 13.1 million of whom watched the first broadcast between 8pm and 10pm.  Details here:

To put this into some kind of context, other cable shows like Doctor Who on BBC America get a couple of million viewers.  Over 14 million puts it up there with the top rated, prime time shows on the main networks.

Congratulations to all of those involved!  #TheBible was also trending world-wide all evening, and #NinjaAngels made an appearance too!  You can catch a few short clips of those NinjaAngels, in this short video:

The series continues next Sunday on History at 8/7C.

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Anonymous said...

Not to burst anyone's bubble but first shows of the series usually do well then go down hill from there. Wait until the ratings for the second night come out before getting excited.

People are out there looking for answers, it is no surprise that the show had a large audience. it is just sad that Hollywood does more damage than good to the biblical record with its drama and editing.

Stephanie Landsem said...

I watched on Sunday and plan to watch the rest of the series. It had moments of brilliance and what, in my opinion, some room for improvement. Overall, though, I was impressed. My blog today on lists some impressions. Loved the ninja angels!

Mike Grondin said...

Scenes of slaughter accompanied by religious music? Ugh. And why do the NinjaAngels need armor anyway? They can't be kilt, can they? Besides, why bother with swordplay when you're gonna burn the town anyway? I was torn between laughter and disgust most of the whole two hours. "Who made you?" asks a wild-eyed Moses, mimicking the Baltimore Catechism. They should have said "Mommy and Daddy".

Susan Burns said...

I don't understand. Why is it OK for Roma Downey et al to produce a "Hollywood" production but James Cameron et al are demonized?

Anonymous said...

I finally saw the first two episodes and all I can say is what can you expect when you have unbelievers working on a project dealing with the Bible. Just terrible and so off the biblical mark one wants to claw their eyes out for simply viewing it.

No one should be proud to work on that series.

Mike Grondin said...

Unbelievers? Not sure whether this means non-Christians or non-Deists, but neither of them can be blamed, given that the series was under the control of Christians. Surely the Jewish consultants, e.g., would have done better with the OT (both scripting and casting) than what was done, had they been in charge.

Geoff Hudson said...

Come back to the UK if you want to stay sane.