Friday, December 05, 2014

Richard Bauckham, Assessing the Lost Gospel, Part 7

Here is the seventh and final instalment of Richard Bauckham's assessment of the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel.

Assessing the Lost Gospel
Part 7: Conclusion and Pauline Postscript

by Richard Bauckham

The above link is to a PDF of the article.  A Word version is also available.  Part 1 is here. Part 2 is herePart 3 is here. Part 4 is here. Part 5 is here. Part 6 is here.

I will gather all seven parts into a single post a little later on for ease of access.

I would like to thank Prof. Bauckham, on behalf of all the readers of this blog, for a masterful series of articles.

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Geoff Hudson said...

Richard you wrote:

"The central symbol,of course, is the union of Jesus Christ with
the church imaged as his bride, a common image in early Christian literature, beginning with the New Testament,"

To me J&A is about a Jewish writer struggling with the problem of that Jewish males faced living in Egypt. The writer recognised that there were some non-Jewish females who would be attractive to Jewish males. And provided the females converted to Judaism he saw no reason why they shouldn't marry a Jewish male.