Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back from SBL

I arrived back in rainy North Carolina an hour or so ago after a good SBL, beginning last Friday and ending this morning. I drove up to Washington, DC with a friend last Friday and returned, leaving at lunchtime today. It turned out that it was much cheaper (and more enjoyable) to drive, hiring a car on Friday and dropping it off at Union Station, and doing the same in reverse today.

I hope to have some reports soon. For the first time ever (or since beginning blogging), I didn't manage to blog at all during the conference, in spite of having the blogging machine with me. Just didn't seem to find a spare minute. No doubt other bloggers have already begun their reports, though each time I met a fellow blogger they would say the same, that they had not yet had time.

My main highlights were -- I have to admit -- non-academic, going to see the new Bond film, Casino Royale, last night after a trip to the Brewery House, particularly enjoyable because it came just after having the session in which I was giving a paper this year. And Friday evening at the Chop House, where they brewed their own beer and served very expensive food, with one of my favourite people, was another real highlight.

As usual I tried to do too much, went to too many meetings, got up too early, stayed up too late, got too tired, but in the end found it all worthwhile and lots of it very stimulating academically. I will comment on those things later on.


Whit+ said...


Please see http://ntgateway.com/weblog/2006/11/surviving-sbl.html

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Matthew D. Montonini said...

I loved your paper. Sorry I didn't get the chance to introduce myself afterwards.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Peter Kirby said...

This is a fairly gratuitous comment letting you know that I've made re-entry into the blogosphere. My first post to Christian Origins in some months is about naming a new Web application for the Bible.

About the SBL--sorry I couldn't make it, I was at the 2006 Webmaster World conference. However, I hear the next one is in San Diego, which is right in my backyard. I hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...


Missed seeing you at the SBL (I think I saw you from afar at the Sinaiticus session). I too saw the Bond film over the weekend (opening night). What did you think? I thought it was a very good film, and I like Craig as Bond.


Mark Goodacre said...

Whit: Ah yes, I see what you mean!

Matthew: thanks very much, and for coming to the paper.

Peter: good to hear that you are back to blogging again.

Bob: I was sorry to miss you at the SBL, and to have missed your paper at the Q section on Monday. That was one of the sessions I really wanted to get to, but I was presenting in Pauline Epistles at the same time.

I loved Casino Royale, except perhaps for the torture scene! I think it successfully rebooted the franchise, though I was naturally a little disappointed that they dispensed with Q.

Tyler F. Williams said...

I too loved Casino Royale... I went with Bob D. (he's a long-time friend and movie-buddy)

I too missed Q, though it made sense not to have him since it was set when he achieved his 00 status.

I would have liked to see you at SBL, but such is life. Perhaps next year.

Anonymous said...


I guess I'm not as disappointed that they dispensed with Q (wasn't he absent from Goldfinger?). Perhaps he was not the juggernaut everyone thought he was... :-)


Whit+ said...


You said regarding the new Bond film, "I was naturally a little disappointed that they dispensed with Q."

This from the man who has been trying to rid us of Q for years?