Monday, September 10, 2007

20th Anniversary Edition of Shadow of the Galilean

From Fortress this morning:
Fortress Press Releases 20th Anniversary Edition of Classic Bestseller

Minneapolis (September 10, 2007)—A contemporary classic, The Shadow of the Galilean is an acclaimed and popular work of historical fiction about Jesus. Written by one of this generation’s great New Testament scholars, Gerd Theissen, the work vividly captures the tensions and turmoil of Jesus’ time, as well as the enormous attraction and unpredictability of the figure of Jesus as he affects his Jewish environment under Roman sway.

First published in 1987 by Fortress Press, this 20th anniversary edition includes careful documentation in the footnotes showing that much of the narrative is based on ancient resources and also includes a new Afterword from the author.

“An achievement in ‘narrative theology,’ illuminating the social world of Jesus from rich sources and imaginative reconstruction. Theissen’s book combines scholarship and story. The author supplements his fictional creations with letters to a professional colleague, Dr. Kratzinger, illuminating methodology. The book should be a boon to preachers of the Gospels.”

John Reumann, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

Gerd Theissen is Professor of New Testament at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and the author of The Bible and Contemporary Culture (2007); the Fortress Introduction to the New Testament (2003); and The Religion of the Earliest Churches (1999), all from Fortress Press. He is co-author of The Historical Jesus: A Comprehensive Guide (1988) and co-editor of The Social Setting of Jesus and the Gospels (2002), also from Fortress Press.

The Shadow of the Galilean

By Gerd Theissen

Item No: 9780800639006
Format: Paperback, 232 pgs, 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Price: $22.00

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There is a minor error above -- The Historical Jesus: A Comprehensive Guide was 1998, not 1988.

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Michael F. Bird said...

Excellent. I loved "Shadow of the Galilean". I read it as an undergraduate and I felt such a twit when I learned that the other guy who wrote the letters was a fictitious construct by Gerdy.