Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tyndale Tech Goes Blog!

I am delighted to see David Instone-Brewer finally getting assimilated to the blogosphere:

Tyndale Tech
Electronic resources for Biblical Studies
Tyndale Tech tries to keep you up to date with electronic resources for Biblical Studies. I've now moved it to a blog-style site where you can add your comments on the issues. All the old posts are there, and new ones will be posted there as well as appearing in email. This means you can add your wisdom on the various topics to share with other scholars. It also means you can hear about new posts using RSS as well as or instead of emails . . .
Since David's first new post in the blog format, The Future of Communication, is full of fulfilled prophecies of his from the past, along with some new prophecies about technological changes, perhaps I may indulge myself by repeating my exhortation of 18 March 2005:
A public thought for David Instone-Brewer: you do a fantastic job with the Tyndale Techs and other contributions to Biblical scholarship and the internet, but are emailed alerts getting a little passé? Has the time now come for you to be assimilated to the biblioblogosphere? You'd do a great job and would enrich the community enormously.
In a subsequent update to that post, it looks like I repented of the "ruddy cheek" shown here but still expressed hope for his eventual assimilation, which has now arrived, I am happy to say. Since, as far as I know, David does not read the biblioblogs, it just goes to show that I can prophesy too.

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