Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Passion Website launches

BBC - The PassionThe website for The Passion is now online. It features pictures from the production, video interviews with the producer Nigel Stafford-Clark and writer Frank Deasy and several of the cast, an episode guide and more. Here is the link:

BBC: The Passion

The articles section includes one I have written on The Passion and Its Historical Context. More content will be added soon.

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heatwave said...

Mark's advocacy of the more ethically sensitive and historically insightful status of "The Passion" in comparison to the gospels represents both a distortion of the gospels and, I would suggest, a fictionalised, sanitised version of history and the gospels. There is no objective, cohesive account of the passion narrative outside the gospel texts. Let us not mislead readers into assuming that "The Passion" is superior history in relation to the passion narrative. Take the gospel history out of the gospel narratives and there is no corresponding narrative passion history. Problematic, sanitised historical context superimposed on the gospel narratives constitutes a new, sanitised gospel, not a more historically valid illumination of the originals.