Thursday, May 29, 2008

Syneidon Research Digest

Syneidon continues to update its Research Digest, an excellent way to find out about some of the latest contributions in the major Biblical Studies journals:

Syneidon Research Digest

Recent additions include digests of Amin Baum's recent Novum Testamentum article on anonymity in the Gospels and Eric Eve's fascinating New Testament Studies article, "Spit in Your Eye: The Blind Man of Bethsaida and The Blind Man of Alexandria". The page is getting a little long, though, and it would be worth considering breaking it up into bite-size chunks.

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Richard Goode said...

Thanks very much Mark for your comments about the Research Digest pages. Sorry I hadn't replied earlier but I've been laid low with an infection :(
You're quite right about the page length.
I'm still wobbling a bit on the tight-rope between being of interest to the academic community (at least undergrads) and sensible to those who are coming new to this area - an increasingly large section of the site's visitors.
Currently I am exploring ways to make the digest easily navigable by keying in topics - not too sure of the final version, but I think that the number of articles really demands it.