Monday, October 06, 2008

Biblical Studies Carnivals XXXII to XXXIV

On Metacatholic, my friend and former graduate student Doug Chaplin has done a superb job with the latest Biblical Studies Carnival:

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXIV

It is thorough, well-judged, well written -- a fantastic job. As I often seem to comment now, the burgeoning blogging world, and the impossibility of keeping up with everything, is making the carnival ever more useful and important. I must apologize, therefore, for failing to mention the two previous carnivals:

Biblical Studies Carnival XXII (Ancient Hebrew Poetry, John Hobbins; in three parts -- Part Two; Part Three)

Biblical Studies Carnival XXIII (Pisteuomen, Michael Halcomb)

The latter is a new blog to me, but difficult to read in my browser, with a kind of black text on dark grey background.


T. Michael W. Halcomb said...
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Mark Goodacre said...

Hi Michael; thanks for your comment. I have adjusted the spelling on your name -- sorry for that. In Firefox I can now see the white background without trouble on the main text, so it looks like it was just loading slowly yesterday. The comments, however, are a bit difficult to read -- on a grey background -- and the side bar is all black on grey.