Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blog Carnivals, Top 50s, Interviews and more

It has been a cracking few days of activity on the Biblioblogs. Jim West once again shows us that he is master of the art of writing a clear, comprehensive Biblical Studies Carnival:

Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVI

Perhaps we should just ask Jim to do it every month? Meanwhile, over on, the latest interview is with Mark Vitalis Hoffman:

Blogger of the Month December 2008

This is a timely interview -- Mark's Biblical Studies and Technological Tools Blog has made a fantastic contribution to the blogosphere over the last eighteen months. And then N.T. Wrong has published his new Top 50:

Biblioblog Top 50

And I am happy to see that the NT Gateway blog is up at number 2. And speaking of N.T. Wrong, the speculation about his identity continues, with contributions from James McGrath On the trail of N.T. Wrong, On the Trail of N.T. Wrong, Part 2 and On the Trail of N.T. Wrong, Part 3, with J. C. Baker weighing in with The Identity of N.T. Wrong and More Proof that Mark Goodacre is N.T. Wrong, and Pat McCullough adding his own suggestion on The Identity of N.T. Wrong.

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