Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Really Wrote the Bible? DVD

Who Really Wrote the Bible? DVDI received a nice DVD in the post today from the Biblical Archaeology Society. It is called Who Really Wrote the Bible? I took a closer look to see who it was on it and saw a couple of big names, and then also me! The blurb is as follows:
Prominent scholars Bart D. Ehrman, Mark Goodacre, Leonard Greenspoon and James Charlesworth tackle problematic and contentious issues of Biblical authorship. Plus, they share startling revelations about how and when the Bible was written.
These are recordings of lectures we gave in Boston last November. I'm on disk one with Bart. His topic is "Is the New Testament Forged?" Mine is "When were the Gospels Written?" Full details here.


Gail D said...

Mark, sounds excellent. Just wish the list price wasn't $80, though.

Mark Goodacre said...

Tell me about it! It's really steep, isn't it?