Friday, September 03, 2010

Microphone Problem Causing NT Pod Delay

If you are wondering what has happened to the NT Pod recently, I have been unable to record because my Snowball has gone on the blink. Recordings have a high-pitch noise. So I am moving over, for the time being at least, to recording in Duke's gret facilities. As it happens, these facilities are so good that I may continue to use these even after I have sorted out my microphone problem. So there should at least be a new episode next week, once I have worked out all the finer points of using the Duke facilities.


Jason A. Staples said...

When using the facilities at Duke, just make sure to pull up on the handle for #1 while pushing down on it for #2. It's pretty simple.

Mark Goodacre said...

Is this a Duke vs. UNC joke?

Trevor said...

Aha, mixing with the good and the "gret", eh?

Gret really should be a word. Perhaps the thing you do that you regret later.