Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tom Wright on the Apostles Junia and Mary Magdalene

I am teaching Paul this term at Duke and we have reached the part of the course where we look at issues connected with women and gender.  I was hoping to find some Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza on Youtube to show the class, but the only piece of her that I can find is her Burke Lecture from 2007 on another topic, and it is a video of her simply reading a script.  But while searching, I came across a short piece of a rather casual Tom Wright chatting about Junia and Mary Magdalene


It's an enjoyable piece, and it is good to see him so strongly behind the Junia reading given that he earlier assumed the Junias reading (Climax of the Covenant: 48, "these two men . . .").


Judy said...

Thanks, Mark. This is very interesting because he is so calm about it - as though he is not saying anything at all contraversial.

Mark Goodacre said...

Yes, I had a similar reaction, Judy. I liked the rather casual and relaxed and (to my mind) sensible way that he tackles the question -- refreshing.

Doug said...

Thanks for digging this out. I love that (very NTW) way he makes the casual move that suggests anyone who disagrees with him is really a crypto-papist, and that biblical teaching is so self-evidently pro-woman.