Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy new year, everyone! A trip to England for Christmas took me away from the blog for a while, and the return to work (i.e. ploughing through the email mountain) has kept me away from it for a little longer.

I have been paying scant attention to the blogs, so the latest Biblical Studies Carnival by Joseph Kelly is a really useful way of catching up.  It's a superb achievement of clarity and comprehensiveness.

Meanwhile, all sorts of things are going on in relation to the Biblioblog Top 50 and I have not yet found the time to work out what is what.   All I can say is that if NT Wrong is involved, then I am in.

I sometimes wonder whether solo-blogging would have been the way to go.  Larry Hurtado is one who does a great job of it, and he reflects now on his first few months at it.

After all, who can keep up with hundreds and hundreds of blog posts every day?  And that's just in Jim West's blog.  But recently, it seems that James McGrath is looking to emulate Jim's rate of posting.  I hate to say it, but I find myself spending a little less long on each of his posts.  I suppose that it is a law of the blogosphere: the higher the number of posts in a given blog, the less attention each one gets.

I shouldn't worry, though.  I have recently, finally got hold of a smartphone and now I can check the blogs wherever I am.  If that takes me away from what I really want to be doing, like watching the cricket on my phone, or following reviews of the Doctor Who Christmas special, I can spend a bit of time with Bible Software for Android while I wait for Logos for Android, which is "coming soon".


James F. McGrath said...

Happy new year, Mark! You'll notice that the frequency of posts has calmed down a bit. One of the things I was curious about was whether posting more frequently would result in less attention to each post, and so I'm glad you shared that. I'm happy to let Jim West get more hits because of the endless posts on total depravity that most of us scroll quickly past (but which still count as hits) and hope instead that if I write something some people will read it! :)

Mark Goodacre said...

Happy new year, James! Absolutely right. And your blog is still the first I go to, along with Jim Davila's. Good to see things back to normal. Hope you have a great 2011.