Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doctor Who and Textual Criticism

I like to make it a personal challenge to find as many ways of relating Doctor Who and the academic study of Christian Origins as possible (e.g. Unreliability of Eye-witnesses of Doctor Who) so it is gratifying to see Chuck Grantham over on A 'Goula Blogger doing the same thing, relating Copies of copies of copies . . . . of Biblical manuscripts to copies of copies of copies of old VHS videos of Doctor Who among American fans in the 1980s.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mark!

Thanks for the mention on the Weblog!

I suppose if I was seriously making a point about copies of copies of.... and textual criticism,I might have said you don't need a perfect copy to get the plot. But Mark D. Roberts might sue me for reworking his "road map" argument, then.

Thanks for the continued work on the Weblog, webroll (where I constantly go for my bible news) and the NT Pods (I keep them in the car to listen to).

Chuck Grantham

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Chuck. Great post. Thanks for your kind comments too.