Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rejected Exam Paper

David Rattigan this morning tweeted this hilarious Rejected Exam Paper on the New Testament, which he penned ten years ago, in the spirit of 1066 and All That. Here's the link and a sample:

Rejected Exam Paper
4. Would you say that Cleopatra was directly responsible for the corporeal decline of Herod the Great? If not, what would you say?

5. Describe, in excessive detail, the woman at the well. What were her pneumatological implications? Could you suggest a suitable remedy?

6. Briefly solve the synoptic problem (3-4 lines max). Explain why the problem still baffles scholars today, and suggest what should be done to them.


Andy Rowell said...

Here is the link:

as Mark just posted the twitter link.

Good fun but especially if you survived "Preliminary" or "comprehensive" exams in a doctoral program.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Andy. I've corrected the link and revised the post a little.

JeremyP said...

"Axe of the Apostles" - fantastic.