Friday, July 22, 2011

Blog titles beginning with "A" to "Z" on your reader

I wonder if, in time, with the proliferation of blogs, we will see more people trying to label their blogs with titles beginning with the letter "A"?  If you use a reader and have not done your own sorting, the blogs you subscribe to are likely to appear in alphabetical order.  So in my reader, which sorts alphabetically, "A 'Goula Blogger", often pops up at the top of my list and gets read first.  If there is anything on "Abnormal Interests", that is also likely to be read quickly.  So too AKMA's Random Thoughts.

If, on the other hand, your blog begins with "Z", that drops right down any list ordered alphabetically.  So if you were to label your blog after a Swiss reformer, for example, it might run the risk of getting read later than everything else, and some time after fatigue has set in.

What I am wondering is whether we may, in time, see the equivalent of the Yellow Pages phenomenon of "Aardvark Double Glazing".  Perhaps an "Abba Aramaic blog"?  Or an "Aaron 's Pentateuchal Thoughts"?


Mike Aubrey said...
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Mike Aubrey said...

And those of us with Greek script in our title are even below "z"!

Anonymous said...

There was no plan in the choice of blog title.

However, there has been a definite decision not to rashly change blog name, either. ;-)

Personally I read blogs the old fashioned way, so I can read them in any order I choose.

Chuck Grantham, A Goula Blogger

Ron said...

I like your blog and very few others; it's all I can do to keep up with those I enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Never entered my mind!

Brooke "Anumma" Lester.

*hee hee* :^)