Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bethlehemian Rhapsody

I really love this. As I've said before, there are not enough puppets on the NT blog:


Thanks to Stephen Carlson, Judy Redman and Trevor Hawes for posting this on Fb.


Phil said...

Excuse me but... That was awesome! Gotta tell my friends at Apologetix and What's In The Bible ! said...

My wife, who is an expert puppeteer and leads a team in her local church, enjoyed this very much when I showed it to her. She said she would like to copy it next year.

Unknown said...

Deof Movestofca create link to post on his blog but link no show up. Title his post "A song fit for the King written by Queen". Thought it was funny, because Christ is King and "Bohemian Rhapsody" is... well, Deof think you can figure it out. But anyway, Deof thank you for funny clip and hopes you don't mind Deof manually adding link. Also think you might be interested in Hotel Can't Afford Ya (You wanted more puppets? Deof Movestofca give you puppets). Deof says here version of song with words (puppets too, but not as many and mostly people).
Argh! Now Deof head hurt from typing all those "a href" attribute tags and talking (well, writing) in third person. Deof hope he got tags right.