Monday, March 05, 2012

"If it quacks like a fish" -- Simcha Jacobovici answers his critics

Simcha Jacobovici, who has recently been appointed professor of religious studies at Huntington University, has answered critics of The Jesus Discovery in a couple of venues, on James Tabor's blog and now in comments on the ASOR blog.

My favourite line in Prof. Jacobovici's comments on the ASOR blog is the following:
At the end of the day, I think there is a principle in British common law that serves us well i.e., if it quacks like a fish, and flaps like a fish, and waddles like a fish – it’s a fish!


Unknown said...

I PROMISE you I posted the concluding line of my article:

BEFORE I read Simcha's response.

"Because if it doesn’t look like a fish, and doesn’t swim like a fish, it may very well be an ancient vessel cleverly Photoshopped to look like a fish."

Mark Goodacre said...

Now, that's what I call synergy!

Unknown said...

I knew we had similar senses of humor ;-) said...

Ah! So did Simcha read your comment before he wrote his?

DDodson said...

Does Jacobovici understand how incredibly ironic (undermining) his statement is?! Fish don't quack, flap, or waddle; it's not a fish!

steph said...

"serves us well"... What a relief! He's admitting it's a hoax and we can all stop wasting time. Or did he really miss the irony? Naaa he can't be that thick.