Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interview on the Talpiot Tombs on ABC's Nightline tonight

I interviewed today for ABC's Nightline programme on the Talpiot Tombs in Jerusalem and the forthcoming "Resurrection Tomb Mystery" documentary that airs on Discovery this Wednesday.  I have no idea, at this point, if they will use any of that footage, or even if the segment will get bumped because of other news.  James Tabor was interviewed in New York and Simcha Jacobovici in Jerusalem.  I'll add an update if and when I have it.  The programme is on at different times across the USA, but it's 11.30pm in our area.  It should be available online tomorrow.


Danny Zacharias said...

Just in case you haven't seen it you might be interested http://vimeo.com/39280910

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Danny. Hadn't seen that. Look forward to watching. Cheers, Mark