Friday, May 24, 2013

George Caird's New Testament Theology lectures online

Earlier this week, Matthew Montonini posted a link to a fascinating film from 1970, Mansfield College - Marking the Principalship of John Marsh.  The film was made by Peter Armstrong, later a BBC Producer, and I made comments about it here on Wednesday, John Marsh, George Caird and Oxford in 1970.

The posting of the video led to a Facebook discussion during which it emerged that Jeffrey Gibson was in possession of 62 files of audio recordings of George Caird's New Testament Theology lectures from Oxford from 1979 to 1982.  I offered to host these files so that others could also hear these lectures from this famous New Testament scholar.

I have uploaded the files to this location:

George B. Caird: New Testament Theology Lectures

But that is just a list of linked files.  The files beginning "NTT1" are numbered from lecture 3 to lecture 38, and they date from the academic year 1979-80.  The files beginning "NTT2" are numbered by date (in the format year/month/day) and date from the academic year 1981-2.

[Update, 11.55pm:] Matthew Montonini has now produced a web page which can act as the main hub, with the numbering and dates clarified, so this is the place to go:

George B. Caird New Testament Theology Audio Lectures (1979-1982)

We are hoping to continue to revise that page as we listen to the lectures and work out what is what.  See also  Matthew Montonini's blog post.

Many thanks to Jeffrey Gibson for sharing the files and the above photograph.  Thanks too to Matthew Montonini for interacting with me on this project -- it has been an enjoyable experience.


Jim said...

this is beyond fantastic

Brett Provance said...

Thank you!

JM O'Clair said...

FYI, Lecture 16 (1/19/1980) is 2 seconds long. I'm curious whether the original recording was cut short. This access is great nonetheless!

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Jeremy. Yes, this is an upload error. I'll get this and the others fixed.

Bob MacDonald said...

Yes - thanks for this. I am now hearing lecture 3 - the link is wrong on the site on Matthew's blog- but available here I found it directly by going to

Unknown said...

I just started to read Caird's, The Language and Imagery of the Bible. I was quite struck with his writing style and content. I looked on-line to see if I could find any lectures by him, and I found your site. Thanks so much for making these available!