Saturday, June 01, 2013

Gospel of Thomas Goodies

Many thanks to Jason von Ehrenkrook for letting me know about the publication of this review of my recent book on Thomas over on the Enoch Seminar Online:

Review of Thomas and the Gospels
Tucker Ferda

It's also available as a PDF here.  I am really grateful to Tucker Ferda both for the kind things he says about the book and also for the astute critique, to which I will give some thought.

And thanks to Brice Jones for the notice of this video interview with Andr√© Gagne about the Gospel of Thomas.  It's interesting stuff and I hope to comment on it if I get time:

Hey, is that my book I can see just behind his left ear?!


Jim Deardorff said...

Hi Mark,

That was a good review, and indicates that your book is indeed very important. Regarding the question of dependence versus familiarity, I wonder why they have to be viewed as mutually exclusive. I feel that a “brief accesses” model is equally plausible. I.e., a potential author, not himself possessing certain documents, may nevertheless have been granted several brief accesses to them, reading and taking a few notes each time. It need not be a matter of either having been granted full access to them for an extended period of time, or being allowed read-only access a few times.

That 140 CE date sounds very reasonable to me.

Jens Knudsen (Sili) said...

I certainly disagree with him about the quagmire being uninteresting.

I find it far more fruitful to discover the relation between this tradition for lack of a better word and the Synoptics (and John). I honestly don't care much what the whole thing means.

But to each their own, I guess.