Monday, November 11, 2013

Bible Secrets Revealed on History Channel, Wednesday

History Channel now has a website devoted to its new six-part documentary series about the Bible:

Bible Secrets Revealed

The site features the "sneak peak" previously mentioned and details about the first episode, Lost in Translation.

See also the interview with Robert Cargill, consulting producer on the series, in the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

The series premieres this Wednesday, 13 November, at 10pm.


Dave Lewis said...

I was disappointed that Reza Aslan was included in the talking heads. There are plenty of real biblical historians they could have included. I enjoyed hearing some of my favorite scholars including Bart Ehrmann, Elaine Pagels and of course Mark Goodacre.

Dave Lewis

Sep said...

... especially when Reza Aslan said that the Bible (or parts of it) were written 5,000 years ago. That's an error worthy of Ancient Aliens.

Other things that bugged me: implying the gospels were pseudepigraphic rather than anonymous, implying that Constantine commissioned the gospels to be written (lolwhat), showing an Arabic manuscript at one point instead of an Aramaic, and the entire excursus about the Mormons and the American frontier which just seemed completely irrelevant.

Still, errors notwithstanding, it's nice to have a documentary that's at least trying to introduce critical biblical scholarship to the public I guess?