Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My interview with Robert Orlando, director of A Polite Bribe

Last Thursday, we held a screening at Duke University of Robert Orlando's film about Paul, A Polite Bribe. I was privileged to get the chance to talk to Robert before the screening of the film, and the conversation was captured on video and is now available here:

APB Prescreening Interview Duke-720 from A Polite Bribe on Vimeo.

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Mike Gantt said...

I enjoyed this interview very much. I was particularly fascinated by Robert's questions about the academy-church divide (for lack of a better term). He seemed so vulnerable, confused, and sincere on that issue. I infer that he has been disappointed at the reception of the film, particularly since he felt he'd worked so hard to get the film right and felt good about the work itself.

As for the film (though I've only seen pieces of it), it's enlightening to have a fresh point of view on these things. That said, when you title a perspective on Paul with the word "bribe," I suppose you shouldn't be all that surprised when you encounter some resistance from admirers of Paul.