Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bible Secrets Revealed: DVD out today

Regular readers will remember the Bible Secrets Revealed TV show that was recently on History Channel in the USA.  Across six hour long episodes, several themes in recent Biblical scholarship were explored for a popular audience, in a pacey documentary that featured, among many others, Robert Cargill (who was also consulting producer), Candida Moss, Bart Ehrman, Chris Keith, Jodi Magnes and me.

Today, the DVD was released and I must admit to rather liking the cover art (and is that Bob Cargill reading the Bible?!).  At around $13-$14, it's a good buy.  I'll definitely be buying.  Links:

Bible Secrets Revealed (Amazon)

Bible Secrets Revealed (History Channel)

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Keen Reader said...

I'll be giving it a pass.