Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tom Wright Panel Discussion with Douglas Campbell, Ross Wagner and Susan Eastman at Duke Divinity School

We have enjoyed having N. T. Wright visiting Duke this week.  Two of the events at which he spoke are now available to view online, with many thanks to Reed Criswell for his fine work in recording and uploading them.  The first is this panel discussion on Pauline Theology which took place on Monday evening:

I was able to get to this panel discussion and I must admit that I found it really compelling stuff. The participants are my colleagues over in the Divinity School Douglas Campbell, Ross Wagner and Susan Eastman. Richard Hays was the moderator. The event was absolutely packed out. Watching Douglas and Tom spar with one another was a particular highlight. There are some great moments. The video is about 90 minutes long.

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Mark, the images on the Migdal stone are good evidence that for some Jews at least, around the turn of the first century, God's glory had not departed from the temple. said...

Doesn't the evidence on the Migdal stone contradict Wright's opening statement about the absence of the Shekinah glory? Wright surely can't ignore the evidence of the stone found in a Galilean synagogue. The symbols on the stone are concerned with worship at the altar of incense. This was in the sanctuary where the smoke of the Shekinah glory went up from the altar. There are no symbols on the stone to do with animal sacrifice which was outside the sanctuary. The altar of incense was kept burning 24/7. The two small brushes on the stone are symbols for the brushes that were used to sweep away the ash ready for fresh incense. The Shekinah glory was thus far from being out of business. The stone was a symbol of belief and practice at the time.