Thursday, July 08, 2004

New Introductory Greek Book

I have heard from Peter Kevern that his co-authored book is now available:

Paula Gooder and Peter Kevern, Exploring New Testament Greek: A Way In
Key Points

· The first guide to New Testament Greek to assume no prior knowledge and prioritise quick and effective methods of learning

· Contains useful pedagogical features such as Q & A exercises, a glossary of English grammatical terms and a glossary of key Greek vocabulary

· This book also features a regularly updated companion web-site with exercises and revision notes - access is free for all who purchase the book

The Book

This practical textbook for undergraduate students and serving ministers is specifically designed to teach the reader about New Testament Greek, and to enrich the readers understanding of Scripture. Exploring New Testament Greek aims to cultivate a 'feel' for the Greek language and give insight into some central issues in New Testament study without a heavy investment of time and energy. Its priorities are accessibility and relevance for Bible study: it is set out in ten short chapters that encourage learning through a variety of practical exercises, and concentrates on those aspects of the language that lead directly to increased understanding of the text. Rather than overwhelming the student with tables of grammar and vocabulary, the book directs students in the use of free websites, interlinear translations and other readily-available language tools as a means of making a little knowledge go a long way.


Introduction 1. Letters and Words 2. Finding Your Way Around a Sentence 3. Understanding How Greek Words Work 4. Introduction to Nouns and their Endings 5. More Noun Endings and More Pronouns 6. Words that Describe 7. Simple Verbs 8. Tenses 9. Voice: Active, Passive and Middle 10. Participles and the Articular Infinitive Epilogue Checklist of Grammatical Words used in this Course Appendix: Useful tables Lexicon of Greek words

About the authors Dr Peter Kevern is a theologian and educationalist, currently Director of Studies at the Queen's Foundation, Birmingham. He has worked alongside SIL translators in Papua New Guinea, on a version of the New Testament in Siane-Lambau. Dr Paula Gooder is a lecturer at the Queens Foundation, Birmingham and is a freelance biblical lecturer and writer. She has extensive experience teaching both Greek and Hebrew at Higher education level.

Categories: Theology

Published: 30 June 2004 By SCM Press

Price: £10.99

ISBN: 0 33402942 2
Unfortunately the web site still has the false endorsement from me (I've omitted it from the information above; see previous blog entry on), in spite of my having pointed this out to SCM over two months ago. It's a shame that I feel obliged to mention this here a second time, not least in that I can add -- more happily -- that I have now seen the book in proof and although I have not had time to look at it in any detail, my overall impression was instantly favourable. In particular, I am interested to see in this book the first attempts in a beginning Greek book to introduce students to the internet resources available to help them with their Greek learning. I hope to publish a more detailed critical appreciation in due course, but in the mean time, congratulations to Paula and Peter on this publication.

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