Saturday, July 24, 2004

Exploring New Testament Greek

SCM have put out a new flyer on Peter Kevern and Paula Gooder, Exploring New Testament Greek:
Come and visit the companion website to our new publication Exploring New Testament Greek. A great additional tool with more information and examples for those who wish to explore this subject further.

'..simple language; easy to understand presentation; superb and ample examples..'
G. Byrns Coleman, Wingate University

' will make the sweet [sic] of learning an ancient language from scratch somewhat excellent introductory text.'
Barbara Shellard, St Hilda's College, Oxford

'Clear, Well-structured and very accessible for the beginner. Helpful links to the website.'
Canon Tim Evans, Carlisle & Blackburn Diocesan Training Institute

More details . . .
I commented on the web site a couple of weeks ago (see this blog entry) and am pleased to see that some corrections have been made. In particular, the problem with the iota subscripts on the Tables page has been fixed. But the Specimen Answer page is still a bit of a dog's dinner, and the Further Study page needs a lot more work; some of the Greek is incomprehensible.

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