Saturday, July 24, 2004

Paula Fredriksen full-text articles on-line

Michael Pahl alerted me to the fact that once again Paula Fredriksen's homepage had moved and that my link was dead (See Scholars: F. An all too frequent remark: why do administrators of university web sites never set up forwards?). In looking for its new location, I discovered the good news that now there are many full-text articles available in PDFs. Here's the new link:

Paula Fredriksen

And here is the link to the PDFs:

Paula Fredriksen Articles

My delight at seeing this, yet another example of a scholar making available their scholarship to the wider public at no cost, is only slightly mitigated by the appalling quality of the PDFs. Let me draw attention to one brilliant piece in particular, in my humble opinion a really key article, frequently overlooked:

"Judaism, the Circumcision of Gentiles, and Apocalyptic Hope: Another Look at Galatians 1 and 2"
Journal of Theological Studies 42 (1991): 532-64

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