Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Australian Biblical Review latest

The latest edition of the Australian Biblical Review (Volume 53, 2005) will be sent out to subscribers in October, and the Table of Contents is now available (see news):

Brendan Byrne, "Paul and the Diaspora: Re-imagining Church with the Aid of Rahner and Harink": 1–12

Megan Warner, "Genesis 20–22:19: Abraham’s Test of Allegiance Wisdom as Saviour": 13–30

Robert Crotty, "The Literary Structure of the Binding of Isaac in Genesis 22": 31–41

Beverly Roberts Gaventa, "God Handed Them Over: Reading Romans 1:18–32 Apocalyptically": 42–53

Michael Trainor, "The Cosmic Christology of Colossians 1:15–20 in the Light of Contemporary Ecological Issues": 54–69

James S. McLaren, "The Census in Judea": 70–75

Book Reviews 76–96

As far as I am aware, there is no electronic availability for the journal as a whole, even for subscribers and institutional subscribers, but the Book Reviews are on-line in full text, and there are several of interest. I'll list those separately in due course.

Update (Thursday, 9.05): thanks to Brian Incigneri for getting in touch and clarifying an important detail -- I missed the news page which makes clear that the journal is to be sent out to subscribers in October; it is not available yet. I have adjusted the above entry accordingly.

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