Saturday, September 03, 2005

British New Testament Conference Over

The British New Testament Conference has now finished and I'm about to catch my taxi back. Alas, no wireless access or other internet access in the rooms so I have not been able to get my blogging machine into action. But there are a couple of computers in the Refectory and I've seen other bloggers in action here so look forward to finding out what they have been sharing. When I've managed to steal time at these machines, I have been busy on final preparations for our move to the USA, which now looks like it will be in just over a fortnight or so. I had a lot to do by email and mobile phone and begin to wonder if it had been a wise decision to come along, but I don't regret it -- it's been a good conference and, as usual, I have met lots of old and new friends and heard a mixture of the great and not so great papers. When I get back, I'll write a full report.

Update (Tuesday, 01.16): most enjoyable post from Rick Brannan on Ricoblog on a fragmentary remain of the above post, discovered and analyzed in the distant future.

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