Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Craig Keener on 1-2 Corinthians

Thanks to Tracey McCluskey at Cambridge University Press for letting me know about a new book from Craig Keener:

1–2 Corinthians
Craig Keener
This commentary explains 1 and 2 Corinthians passage by passage, following Paul's argument. It uses a variety of ancient sources to show how Paul's argument would have made sense to first-century readers, drawing from ancient letter-writing, speaking, and social conventions. The commentary will be of interest to pastors, teachers, and others who read Paul's letters because of its readability, firm grasp of the background and scholarship on the Corinthian correspondence, and its sensitivity to the sorts of questions asked by those wishing to apply Paul's letters today. It will also be of interest to scholars because of its exploration of ancient sources, often providing sources not previously cited in commentaries.
The PDF link above is a flyer with details including book cover.

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