Monday, September 05, 2005

News from Bill Warren

Bill Warren has the following news update (see further New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), initially sent to my colleague David Parker last Thursday 1 September, and reproduced with permission:
Parts of the seminary in the back with student apartments were under as much as 18 feet of water, but the front part of campus had much less. All of those from the seminary are safe as far as we know due to an early decision at the school to evacuate everyone. Likely our semester is gone with hopes for opening in Jan., but that is not certain at this time (at least not certain for the New Orleans setting, although we may find a temporary home to use until next Aug.). The Center is okay along with the materials and work and, most important, the people working there.

On our house, we were almost under the eye of the hurricane just north of Bay St. Louis. Besides a family of three that were seen disappearing in the surge waters and have not been found (presumed dead), four more church related people are missing from the flooded area and may not have survived. Right now as important as the house may be, needless to say it is the least of our concerns. We have at least 15 church families without homes and that may increase. Hopefully we won't be among them, but at least we got out. People are living in the church and likely will be there for some time. We hope to travel back tomorrow to take supplies and see about the house.

Back to New Orleans, David Brown (whom you may recall from both the CNTTS and Birmingham the last two conferences) and his wife lived near the area of the broken levee and have lost everything including the church where he served, but they got out and are safe. Earl Kellett is already making plans to live for several months at least in the state of Georgia since their home was destroyed almost totally by the flooding.

Again, we appreciate your prayers and concern.
And I received this follow-up earlier this evening:
Life is hectic and ministry is pressing at the moment. We are sheltering the homeless at the church, feeding people, distributing food, clothing, and supplies, helping at homes, etc. Our home is relatively okay, with ten trees on it and some water damage, outside damage, etc., but far better than most. We have come for more supplies here in FL today and will return tonight. Seminary is hoping to resume a semblance of classes,etc. starting in Oct. with a variety of formats based in Atlanta and some other extension sites. If the looters did not get to the Center for NT Textual Studies, we remained above the water in New Orleans. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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