Friday, February 10, 2006

Biblical Studies Carnival

I missed the boat on this one and didn't submit anything to Tyler Williams on time; and I have almost missed the boat even in mentioning it in time, but not quite. So here, belatedly, is notice of Biblical Studies Carnival II. The carnival idea is new to me, and intriguing. The idea is that bloggers submit their favourite posts in a given month to a host who makes his or her own selection and posts annotated links to them. I don't know where the term "carnival" comes from in this context, but it's rather a nice one and evokes images of smiling faces, crowds and waving flags that is a fun way to celebrate what are sometimes quite serious academic blog entries. Anyway, it looks like Tyler has got a whole bunch of hosts lined up for future Biblical Studies Carnivals, and it is to be a monthly phenomenon. So a big thanks to Tyler and to all those who have contributed, and I promise to try to contibute myself in the future.

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