Monday, February 13, 2006

John Lyons' new blog

Another British New Testament scholar has joined the blogging community ("assimilated to the blogosphere" as Jim Davila would say):

Reception of the Bible
So what does interest me? Real readers of the Bible interest me. I was trained to do historical critical work on ‘original meanings’ and still do it occasionally. I also teach such approaches. But what really interests me is seeing how people encounter texts and what they do with them.
The author is John Lyons, Lecturer in New Testament in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Bristol. The blog begins with some enjoyable reflections on "Why blog?", from which the above quotation is taken (and you don't have to be concerned about my family, John; they all spend as long staring at computers as I do, and my wife Viola spends longer blogging than I do). John goes on with two posts on Jonathan Edwards (second here), the eighteenth century American evangelical, and not the contemporary British triple-jumper-come-TV presenter, about whom, I must admit, I know more. Anyway, a warm welcome to the blogosphere, John.

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