Friday, February 10, 2006

Roy Ciampa's Resources for New Testament Exegesis

Latest update to the NT Gateway page of Biblical Resource Index Pages is the following:

Resources for New Testament Exegesis
By Roy E. Ciampa: very useful series of links to materials on New Testament exegesis originally prepared for students at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, but this is not just an index page. Special features include a set of reference charts for NT textual criticism, tutorials for using several software and web resources, and some creative links to resources available at (including translations of early Jewish literature, scripture indices, Aland's chart of synoptic parallels.

Roy Ciampa is at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

While updating the page, I noticed that Jerry Truex and Loren Stuckenbruck's Webnexus has finally bitten the dust. It had not been updated for several years, but now the link has gone too, a shame because it was a great resource, and once upon a time a Featured Link (February 2000).

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