Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Book of Bart

No doubt other bloggers have noticed this; I spotted it on fellow NC NT blogger blog Dave Black on-line. But it's worth mentioning, a careful and at the same time entertaining article in the Washington Post about Bart Ehrman:

The Book of Bart
In the Bestseller 'Misquoting Jesus,' Agnostic Author Bart Ehrman Picks Apart the Gospels That Made a Disbeliever Out of Him
By Neely Tucker

The reporter has clearly spent some time with Bart, and has not just done an interview over the phone. He reports from the classroom, the bar, the BMW convertible and home:
Ehrman's desk is filled with open books. His study is sun-filled, with a glass door giving onto a patio and the gentle pines of the Carolina forests.

Where does faith reside? Does it leave a residue when it is gone?

Bart Ehrman begins writing, the day unfolding, shafts of light falling through the window, the mysteries of the Gospels open before him.
Perhaps those gentle Carolina pines and the sounds of the wildlife in the woods a few feet from where I am sitting now will encourage my writing and research too.

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