Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More of Alan Bandy's Interviews

The fine series of interviews on fellow North Carolinian Alan Bandy's blog Cafe Apocalypsis takes a serious dip in quality with the following:

Mark Goodacre on Faith-based Scholarship

But then it quickly recovers itself with:

Peter Williams on Faith-based Scholarship

Thanks, Alan, for the fine work here, even if those of us outside the evangelical camp are beginning to look a little outnumbered.

PS: Many thanks for all the links to the interview with me. Goodness, anyone would think it was my birthday.

Update (22.57): On the remark above, note that Alan says now that "a number of other non-evangelical scholars but they have not yet responded or have declined". Typical! You might add to my comments that one of the great advantages of the evangelicals is that they foreground the importance of sharing their views with the public at large; that's something to be learned by us all!

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Loren Rosson III said...

...a serious dip in quality with the following...

False modesty doesn't suit you. :)