Thursday, October 18, 2007

More C. F. D. Moule relections

The Times has another Lives Remembered piece on C. F. D. Moule:

Lives Remembered
The Rev Professor C. F. D. Moule

The Rev Bernard Wrightson writes: Professor Charlie Moule (obituary, Oct 5 , and Lives Remembered, Oct 11), presented me with a copy of his Phenomenon of the New Testament in 1969 and asked me to keep it unopened until I was clear of the college. He said that he was very proud of this book because it was the only one with his illustrations. In fact he had simply drawn round a coin to illustrate the dividing line between the Jesus of history and the Lord of faith. I note on the page with his best wishes and his signature a distinct marmalade stain. During our meeting we had been sitting inelegantly on the floor eating toast while sharing problems about chapel attendence and other matters. He more than anyone was responsible for my later career change.

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