Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Death of C. F. D. Moule

I was sorry to hear this morning of the death of C. F. D. Moule:

The Reverend Professor CFD Moule

The Rev Professor C. F. D. Moule

The first of these obituaries is from the Daily Telegraph and the second is from The Independent. Thanks to Jim West for the note.

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Christopher Shell said...

Charlie Moule was a saintly character, a bit like his friend Donald Coggan. I think he consistently had the same effect on everyone he came into contact with - so many forewords are unstinting in praise of his support, and I can echo that as no-one took a greater interest in my own work.

Thankfully his careful approach and sound judgment have been passed down the line of all his succeeding Lady Margaret's Professors.

I was hoping he would reach 100 - maybe Christopher Evans will oblige?