Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Greek Bible Study

I'm grateful to Sarah Madden for alerting me to a fine new site for working with the Greek New Testament and Septuagint:

Greek Bible Study
Anonymous site. Excellent, colour-coded Greek New Testament (Tischendorf) and Septuagint, with mouse-over Thayer word definitions (long and short), word studies, notes facilities and more. Unicode fonts, good search facilities, and a graduated reader based on William Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek.

I've added a link high up on my Greek New Testament Texts (test) page since those pages will soon be integrated into the site. (More soon).


Jim said...

Noted on 30 August here:

Tom said...

Given the full page ad in the back of the SBL program book this site has some heavy backing. 'Follow the money' tells me it was put together by Zondervan to promote Mounce's book. All the same it is a nice looking site.

Bridget said...

I am enchanted by the presuppositions in the website's claim: 'It is not affiliated with any particular denomination or group, so that it might remain theologically neutral, encouraging the reading of the Scriptures themselves, God's Holy Word'.
useful stuff however