Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paula Fredriksen On-line Articles Surge

Regular readers will know of my enthusiasm for the scholarship of Paula Fredriksen, one of the most engaging scholars of Christian origins, who is always worth reading. Regular readers will also know of my enthusiasm for scholars making available reproductions of their articles on their own websites. Fredriksen has been setting the standard on this front for some time, but now there has been a remarkable surge, with over seventy articles now available online on her site:

Paula Fredriksen

And there is more good news. I have previously commented (e.g. Paula Fredriksen full-text articles online and Paula Fredriksen PDFs) on the frankly appalling quality of the scans of many of these articles. Well, it seems that a lot of those older scans have been redone in greatly improved versions. Note, though, that sometimes both the new version and the old are still online, so make sure that you are accessing the articles from the homepage link above, and not the old page, which links to the old versions.

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