Thursday, January 07, 2010

Michael Goulder

I am sorry to be sharing the sad news that Michael Goulder passed away yesterday. He was 82. Michael was a brilliant scholar and he was greatly loved. He will me remembered with great affection, and his scholarly legacy will be felt, I think, for generations to come.

I saw Michael last a couple of weeks ago, when I was over in England for Christmas. He was unwell, but I had the chance to say a last goodbye. I will write about Michael's life at greater length in due course when I have composed my thoughts. It's a very sad day.


James F. McGrath said...

So sorry to hear he passed away. I'm glad you had the chance to see him one last time and say goodbye.

Gail Dawson said...

I know how important he was to you in your life as a biblical scholar. My condolences to you and to his family.

steph said...

Again, we're deeply sorry Mark, it is very sad news. He made a great contribution to scholarship and had a huge impact on my life. I will always value his work immensely.