Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jesus: The Evidence, Episode 2 on Youtube (the one with Morton Smith)

A little further searching on Youtube reveals that Episode 2 of Jesus: The Evidence is also available, though with an incorrect aspect ratio. This is the one I previously mentioned, featuring Morton Smith discussing Secret Mark. Smith first appears at the beginning of the 34th minute here, outside the Mar Saba monastery, so my earlier memory of the appearance turns out to be correct, and now one can see the whole context of the appearance:

There are other things of interest in this episode including more Geza Vermes and also Anthony Harvey. Ignore the "3 of 6" on the uploader's heading; this is episode 2, and the first few minutes of the episode are in a separate upload, headed 2 of 6. The character you see in the still above is Ian Wilson, the author of books on the Turin Shroud, who also authored the book Jesus: The Evidence that accompanied this series.


Timo S. Paananen said...

Thanks for digging this out. I have taken the liberty to cut the Morton Smith section, a bit over eight minutes, and publish it separately here (with the correct aspect ratio). The documentary is well worth watching in its entirety, though.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Timo. I've blogged your post; very helpful to have that excerpted version. It's so interesting to see footage of Morton Smith.

Timo S. Paananen said...

I agree, it's thrilling to see him on screen, no wonder the master magician features prominently in so many odd anecdotes.