Friday, January 08, 2010

Latest JSNT

While we are mentioning the Journal for the Study of the New Testament, it would be worth drawing attention to the full contents, including an article by a fellow blogger, Rafael Rodríguez, and one of my former students at Duke, Joshua Jipp, now at Emory. Click on the link for abstracts and further information:

Journal for the Study of the New Testament 32 (December 2009)

Lochlan Shelfer
The Legal Precision of the Term πάράκλητος (131-150)

Rafael Rodríguez
Reading and Hearing in Ancient Contexts (151-178)

John C. Poirier
The Synoptic Problem and the Field of New Testament Introduction (179-190)

Alan J.P. Garrow
The Eschatological Tradition behind 1 Thessalonians: Didache 16 (191-215)

Joshua W. Jipp
Rereading the Story of Abraham, Isaac, and ‘Us’ in Romans 4 (217-242)

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