Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Teaching the Bible e-pub latest

SBL has released its latest Teaching the Bible e-publication, aimed at high school teachers, for January 2010:

Teaching the Bible

There is a bit of a "work" theme here, with an essay by Jim West on All in a Day's Work, and a link to my NT Pod 18 on the topic Was Jesus a Carpenter? Also featured are articles on Form Criticism by Joshua James and Moses’ Birth, the Abandoned Hero Motif, and Form Criticism by Isaac Alderman.


Jim said...

i've not completely retired. i've just reoriented focus (just so as to be clear). as i told you privately, there are still some biblical studies things i'll continue to do.

Mark Goodacre said...

Oh, OK. Well, that's good news. I'll adjust.

Geoff Hudson said...

So could a tecton be an agriculturalist.

Geoff Hudson said...

I presume he could have been so.