Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Extent of Christian Theological Diversity: The Pauline Evidence

While I was sitting for the second time this week in the social security administration in Durham, NC, waiting for a couple of hours to pick up my social security number, I read an excellent article by Jeff Peterson of Austin Graduate School, Austin, Texas. It is from a recent volume of the Restoration Quarterly. I emailed Jeff to ask if I might post the article on-line. He replies today with the good news that it is already available:

"The Extent of Christian Theological Diversity: Pauline Evidence", Restoration Quarterly 47 (2005): 1-12 [PDF]

It's well worth reading. I notice too that Jeff has available a reproduction of his recent article in the collection I co-edited entitled Questioning Q:

"Order in the Double Tradition and the Existence of Q" in Mark Goodacre and Nick Perrin (eds.), Questioning Q (London: SPCK, 2004)

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