Sunday, October 16, 2005

Scholars to Spend Time With

On The Busybody, Loren Rosson has an enjoyable list of Scholars to spend time with, the ten scholars he would enjoy getting to know better. He has some quirky and enjoyable choices. I am lucky enough to have spent extended amounts of time with four on the list, and in each case I have greatly valued that time spent; in a couple of cases it has been life changing. Who would I add, I wonder? One would definitely be Austin Farrer. I suppose that another would be Bultmann, but I don't think my German would be up to lengthy and profound conversations with the great man. I would love to spend time too with R. H. Lightfoot, I think. My mother met and spent time with Joachim Jeremias and said that he was delightful; I would enjoy that too. And I'd enjoy talking to B. H. Streeter; I'd like to see if I could better understand why he found Luke's use of Matthew so difficult to envisage.

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